Google Re:Brief – Re-imagining TV adverts for the digital age

In light of changing screen based media behaviour, Walker Media recently brought together our TV and display teams to form the new Screen Team. By uniting the best of broadcast and digital display we can ensure that we offer a cohesive approach to the consumer journey, reflecting the ever increasing connectedness of screen based media behaviour.

To mark the changing nature of consumer interaction with screen media and to celebrate 18 years of Internet advertising, Google designed Project Re:Brief. Google challenged four global brands to remake iconic TV ads as digital campaigns to show how online media can be used creatively to engage and entertain rather than bombarding the consumer with sales pitches.

Coca-Cola chose to bring alive the feel good charm of the “Hilltop” TV ad from 1971, in which a group of people sing about wanting to buy the world a coke. This was done via Google’s display advertising platform and a series of bespoke vending machines around the world. Users can record a message and send it along with a Coca-Cola to connect with someone on the other side of the world. The recipient can then respond with a text or video message to thank the sender, completing the connection.

It is a rare occasion to see someone tweet about a new display ad or for someone to wax lyrical about a pop up online ad in the same way they would about a great TV ad. Projects like this are encouraging as they highlight the need for a new wave of digital advertising which captures the imagination of people.

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