Don’t Take Our Word For It, Call And Ask Our Customers

852 customers of the Finnish insurance company If have volunteered to be phoned up by potential customers.

A Scandinavian insurance company has taken customer testimonials to the next level: in an attempt to get would-be insurance buyers to trust that the company deals with claims  quickly and fairly, the Finnish insurance company If has recruited 852 existing customers to be its ambassadors. They have volunteered to be contacted by potential customers to have a chat about how the process of making a claim was, and how happy they’ve been with the service.

The company used full-page ads in leading newspapers to direct potential customers to a dedicated microsite where they can find the phone numbers of the volunteers. The customers can be contacted between 9am and 8pm – at other times, their contact details can’t be accessed.  The website also features home-made web cam videos of customers recounting stories of the accidents and injuries that happened to them, and what If did to help fix the problems as soon as possible.

A great example of a brand ‘getting real’ and putting customers at the heart of their campaign.

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